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Debut album by London-based band Chapels, displaying a vigorous mix of screamo, spoken word and melody, rivalled by few as young. Admittance contains ten tracks of raw energy and emotion, a fast tirade through the band's history.


released August 20, 2012

Oliver Doe - Vocals
Keenan Burgess - Guitar
Jack Adams - Drums
Tom Barrie - Bass

All lyrics by Oliver Doe, All music by Chapels
Recorded by Joe Edwards June-August 2012
Additional Vocals by Joe Edwards and Sam Kubrick of Shields
Additional Synths by Joe Edwards
Additional Vocals on Bridges and All That Glistens is Not Gold by Keenan Burgess
Mixed/Mastered by Joe Edwards
Percussion on Track 10 by Ollie Doe, Keenan Burgess & Joe Edwards



all rights reserved


Chapels London, UK

Chapels is a post-hardcore band from London, UK, formed in 2011. We released our first demo in June '11 which can be downloaded for free. We write passionate yet abrasive songs that we hope people will enjoy hearing.
August 2012 brought the release of debut album "Admittance", a culmination of over a year's work.

Ollie Doe - Vocals
Keenan Burgess - Guitars
Tom Barrie - Bass
Jack Adams - Drums
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Track Name: We are the Young Hearts pt. I
As I sit on the corner, the cold night air biting at my fingertips, stars stare down at your head resting on my shoulders.
Breath condenses in clouds formed as a promise which could never be kept.
Walking away is the hardest part, and each breath seems a tighter restraint holding me down.
Wandering back, the hundreds of solitary lights reflect a loneliness which cant only be felt whilst in a crowd; an admittance:
We only did this to ourselves
We only did this to ourselves….
Track Name: Lighthouse
I’m the son of regret and rejection and
I’ve lost my only sense of direction
So I’ll take my best known detour
Find myself back at home to feel reassured
I’ve been searching for years, faced up to all my fears
Looking for the one who I can hold dear
But my hands are tied in a lovers’ knot
And I’m sick of searching for what I’ve already got:
An ever present sense of failure
I’ll never be quite what you’re looking for
Searching; Longing for
Track Name: All That Glistens is Not Gold
Six months wasted with tired eyes, trying to see through all your lies
But beggars can’t be choosers, so I chose another way…

You were never what I wanted
You were never ever ever what I needed
Second choice to a whore and a thief
Six months lost to a whore and a thief
You were never what I wanted
Track Name: Days of Youth
This city’s choking me but all I do is sit here quietly
I cannot see the sun and
Nobody cares any more
I’m suffocating in this town
To think I grew up here just gets me down
I’ve never seen the stars and everyone has given up

Our achievements will amount to nothing, we’ll cast all our fears out to sea
We’ll stand bare and alone in just our flesh, forget all we wished to be

These are our dying days of youth,
These are the kids we will have been
We won’t just sit back whilst you lie
We won’t forget the things we’ve seen
Track Name: We Are the Young Hearts pt. II
As a blanket of dew forms over dead grass, eyes open:
Eyes burdened with guilt and regret, weary with days.
After several minutes of thought, he rises.
Blistered fingers trace over unkempt stubble plaguing his cheeks;
He sighs, as if to evoke pity from only the air around him.

Her eyes never closed in the first place, losing their hours staring at the blank canvas of ceiling, mapping every flake of old paint as her hair formed her face a frame on the sheet.
The thought of reconcile seemed distant, but the way they used to smile, she missed it.

As the architects of their own misery, shame hung over both like a black cloud.
During this emotional demise, he found god, and fell apart, pushed into new beliefs in which he had little trust. She, on the hand, found a new partner and got on with her life. This is where she leaves the story, in our heads at least.
But he never forgot; he created their future in his head and re-ran old memories as if on tape, wiping parts to static and inventing his own fantasy over them. He still felt her presence, and this is what made him go mad.

974 days crossed off, tallied in notches on the desk; I remain broken by the incident and have spent months trying to piece myself back together, purely because of your jealousy.
Track Name: Bridges
Every night I think of it, and every night I try
To pry my busy mind away, seeking ceaselessly to say I couldn’t
Bear to breathe another hopeless word, my fractured lips would fall
To pieces in the dirt, tired of all this hopeless hurt; I never
Said that I could do it
Never said that I was strong
I never had the chance to opt out when I knew that I was wrong.
I couldn’t bear to try another time to settle all my scores
I’ll never end up fighting my own personal wars

I swear these bones will never fracture under the petty indignation of abuse, and if we ever find ourselves hand in hand – what we’ll become, oh, what we’ll become! We’ll burn those bridges down….

She said
Did it hurt you like it hurt me, hurt my friends and hurt my family? Did you think it would all be fine if you just left me
Of what I Could do?
Track Name: Haunts
The longest nights, the saddest days will come to haunt me come what may
And after all of this all that you do is come for me again
And when I’m cold, when I’m disheartened I will think of you and
I will hear your voice in my head, I won’t fall apart again.
I cast my fears beside me, I forgot everything you’d done
One day we’ll meet again my dear, our broken hearts will become one.

I’ve got things I haven’t told you, I’ve got things I’ve never said
But I gave up that chance just to be with her again
I’ve never been as lonely as this
I gave it all up for just one last kiss.

I’ve seen my
And things aren’t
Looking good

I would try
A second time
But I can’t
Close my eyes
These old haunts
Fading away
Track Name: Cloak & Dagger
With all our honesty laid to rest
I’m wasting time trying to do my best.
No god could make me afraid of what I’ve done,
No devil of what I’ve become

But I’m not even sure that what I’m doing’s right

And no one understands when I stretch out my hands
Going back on my words
Acceptance undeserved

I’ve been four thousand miles away and felt more at home than here
If there’s no importance in what I have to say
I have nothing left to fear…
Track Name: Vice (Letting Go of the Past is the Hard Enough When it's not Still Holding Your Hand)
I could never apologise for expectations failed
I used to have hope but since that ship has sailed
We drown our best ideas in alcohol
And choke them out with cigarettes
We’ll give up on our dreams
Give in to regrets
Give up on our dreams, Give in to regrets
Track Name: We Are the Young Hearts pt. III
I touched her soft skin like trying to hold smoke, like grasping at a ghost; I scream inside just thinking about her.
These nights I lay sleepless, my dreams a picture of the past, and she’s the frame, holding me together, its holding all the same.
I thread my fingers through her hand, and she knits hers back, but I’m torn away, I fade away like dust in a storm. And her green eyes stay fixed on the space like gazing at a ghost.