by Chapels

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released June 15, 2011

Vocals - Ollie Doe
Guitars and Bass - Keenan Burgess
Drums - Jack Adams
Backing vocals by Keenan Burgess
Mixed by Ollie Doe
Mastered by Terry Seares



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Chapels London, UK

Chapels is a post-hardcore band from London, UK, formed in 2011. We released our first demo in June '11 which can be downloaded for free. We write passionate yet abrasive songs that we hope people will enjoy hearing.
August 2012 brought the release of debut album "Admittance", a culmination of over a year's work.

Ollie Doe - Vocals
Keenan Burgess - Guitars
Tom Barrie - Bass
Jack Adams - Drums
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Track Name: Days of Youth
This city's choking me but all I do is
Sit here quietly
I cannot see the sun and
Nobody cares any more
I'm suffocating in this town
To think I grew up here just gets me down
I've never seen the stars and
Everyone has given up
Our achievements will amount to nothing, we'll cast all our fears out to sea; We'll stand bare and alone in just our flesh, forget all we wished to be
These are our dying days of youth
These are the kids we will have been
We won't just sit back whilst you lie
We won't forget the things we've seen
Track Name: Bridges
Every night I think of it
And every night I try
To pry my busy mind away, seeking ceaselessly to say i couldn't
Bear to breathe another hopeless word, my fractured lips
Would fall to pieces in the dirt, tired of all this hopeless hurt
I never said that I could do it
Never said that I was strong
I Never had the chance to opt out when I knew that I was wrong
I Couldn't bear to try another time to settle all my scores,
I'll never end up fighting my own personal wars
I swear these bones will never fracture under the petty indignation of abuse and if we ever find ourselves hand in hand, what we'll become, oh, what we'll become, we'll burn those bridges down
She said
Did it hurt you like it hurt me, hurt my friends and family?
Did you think it would all be fine if you just left me
Alone, Apart, Afraid
Of what I could do?